Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dia Duit

Hello all, 

or as I suppose we're supposed to say here, "Dia Duit," but no one really says that at all.

So it took me a good ten days to decide to start my travel blog, but I finally relented.  It was the point where my mom started sending me links to other people's "study abroad" blogs that I realized it was time.  (Yes I was reminded of the incomperable "Ryandia," where I stole the inspiration for my title; I will try to live up to the precedent)  Anyway the blog will really be for my own benefit mostly; to keep track of everything that I've done.  I was going to do a written journal, but as this is the digital age and I'm left handed which smudges my writing I've gone the blog route.  (There are far too many pints to be had over here for me to remember myself, trust me)  I will try to update fairly often, hopefully more often than anyone checks, but we'll see how it goes.  For the record or for those who don't exactly know, I'm living in Galway, Ireland, on the far western coast and spending the next 5 month studying at the National University here.  I'll post more about both later.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.  Please don't expect much, of the writing or the picture, but I'll do my best.



(We, and the locals, actually do say that ... constantly)

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