Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good News and Bad News

SO I'll start with the bad news ... which really only my parents will care about.  I'm going broke.  At a very rapid rate.

The good news however ... is why I'm going broke.  I feel like if there is any time for impulse buys its when your young and in a foreign country and when you have parents who won't let you starve (Hopefully)  So with that in mind, I made my first impulse buy over here ... a beautiful dark brown and red Irish mandolin.  For those who don't know ... I have played guitar for about 7 years now maybe, so it makes a little sense.  (Although the mandolin is apparently more like a violin than a guitar...)  But yea I'm pretty excited about it, and I'll have some pictures of it, and me playing it up soon.  I've already got the three songs I posted earlier down and memorized, so feel free to make me play some traditional Irish music for you the next time I see you.  Based on the amount of free time I have here (see post on education...) I'm pretty confident I'll be master by the time I get back stateside.

Also, I love you mom and dad...

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  1. Well, I was about to send you money for the mandolin, but I talked to your father and he said you have plenty of money. You joker you. I am so glad you are in Ireland. I only ask that you bring me back someone handsome with good teeth (they all have bad teeth in europe) someone that can sing and that is rich. Once you show them the picture of me that I know you always have on you, they will go gaga over me. Seriously, enjoy yourself. My girlfriends and I used to go to all of the Irish football james at Northeast High and then party with the Irish at the pubs afterwards. There was always singing that brought you to tears. But then there was always the fighting after they had too much even if they were best friends. They were never allowed in our bars because of the fights. I remember a date I brought home and it took about 10 times before I realized he was asking for a shower. My house on Fern street was like a castle to him. Needless to say, I went to work the next day and he used my phone to call all of Ireland. Lesson learned. Make sure you know exactly what they are saying. Enjoy yourself Alex.
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    Love Auntie JEN